"I am a sixty three year old woman who has always wanted to do yoga, but have continually put it off, telling myself I am too busy. I have also told myself that with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, it was probably something I would not be able to do anyway.

Andrea talked me through my concerns and I felt very safe with her. She gently and sensitively took me through some of the poses and to my utter delight I found I could actually do them. Confident that I had Andrea's support I could not only do them, but enjoyed the experience too. Rather than feeling uncomfortable or in pain I felt relaxed and at peace which was a real bonus and surprise. I still however worried what my vulnerable joints might be like over the following days.

To my absolute delight, not only was there no negative impact at all from the session, but there were several positives, just from one go at this. For the next few days I was aware of feeling more free in my body in a way that I have not felt for a long while. I guess in constant pain I must unconsciously tense up, but my body felt different. I can only describe it as feeling taller, straighter  and more open, as if air had been allowed into places that had previously felt constricted and blocked.

I am unable to explain how one session could make such a profound difference to how I felt, but it did.  I am now very much looking forward to joining Andrea's yoga group and making this a regular part of my management of the aging process." C